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TV2025 to set vision for Library’s strategic plan

From Mary Case:

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic planning process for the Library to be undertaken this year. The first step will be the development of a strategic vision for the future to be created by Team Vision 2025, a task force whose charge is to lead the Library in an inclusive process that will kickoff at the All Staff meeting on February 2, 2017. Watch for details!

Now that UIC has its new campus administrators in place and a new campus strategic plan, it is time for the Library to update its Strategic Plan from 2006. That plan has served us well providing a path forward for the Library for a decade.

Team Vision 2025 will guide us in the development of a community understanding of and commitment to our future—a vision for what the UIC Library will be in 2025. Such vision is critical in guiding the investments that will be needed to ensure the Library remains a vital partner in education, research, clinical care, and knowledge creation. I have asked the Task Force to devise a process for their work that will include participation by all Library staff and faculty and by representatives of our external constituencies.

Below is the charge to the Task Force and the list of members. My thanks to the members for their willingness to take on this assignment and to all of you for your active participation as the process moves forward.

Team Vision 2025: Creating a Future for the UIC University Library

Members: Linda Naru (chair), Kate Carpenter, Sandy De Groote, Gwen Gregory, Bob Sandusky, Andrea Smith

The Charge: 2025 Library Strategic Vision Team

The charge to Team Vision 2025 (TV2025) is to develop a vision to inform and to guide strategic development in the University Library throughout all aspects of Library operations over the next decade.

The Team should develop a map of the future, analyzing state, national and international trends that will influence the opportunities for the University Library and identify themes and areas for emphasis that will propel the Library to excellence, compelling value to faculty and students, the University, Chicago and Illinois, and enhanced national and international prominence.

The vision should encompass the strengths and potentials of all sites, including Rockford, Peoria and Urbana, culminating in broad recommendations valuable to Library decision-makers until the year 2025 and beyond. Key recommendations should be insights and ideas that can be interpreted flexibly, so they can be modified and adapted in response to changing conditions over time.

The Team’s report will (1) situate the University Library in a broader institutional, educational, professional and cultural context; (2) identify critical areas and salient features; (3) integrate multiple dimensions of strategic thinking and planning from Library departments, the Library faculty, Library users and the University; (4) propose new initiatives without evident University Library antecedents, as appropriate; and (5) promote organizationally thematic unity.

TV2025 deliberations will result in a clearly written document laying out the University Library’s values, purpose and mission, along with a vivid description of the UIC University Library in 2025. The report will also articulate Library strategies for meeting the needs of students and faculty at a high-quality public research institution in a unique urban setting.

The first step for the Team will be to develop an open process and aggressive timeline that provides for the active participation of any and all UIC Library staff. This first step should be completed by February 1.  The vision document itself should be completed by May 15. The Team will report its progress to the Library Steering Committee.

Dean’s News Briefs: November 6, 2015

Chancellor Amiridis City Club of Chicago Presentation
Chancellor Amiridis made a presentation at the City Club of Chicago on October 26. The presentation was very well received. Chancellor Amiridis talked about the important contributions UIC makes to the city and state economy, the state of the University in terms of research, quality programs, and student diversity, and plans for the future. I am happy to share a copy of the powerpoint with you, if you are interested.

Chancellor’s Goals – Continued from the Last Issue
In the last issue, I expanded on two of the Chancellor’s four areas of focus. This time I will expand briefly on the other two – alignment with Chicago and new business models. The Chancellor describes UIC as the public research university for Chicago. He wants to be sure that the university is closely aligned with the issues facing the city, its institutions and businesses. The Chancellor is putting together an advisory committee of key leaders in the city including the heads of corporations, foundations, and other institutions of higher education. He wants to be sure that UIC is further engaged in the surrounding communities and addressing local needs. He is also concerned that UIC better reflect the diversity of Chicago, particularly as it relates to the number of African-American students here. The Chancellor has already tasked Dean Tatum from the College of Education with developing an afternoon tutoring program for community schools that would involve UIC students as tutors.

In terms of new business models, the Chancellor wants to be sure that UIC can find a business model that will protect it from the fluctuations of the state budget process. He believes it important to develop new income streams (e.g., recruiting more international students, public/private partnerships) and ensure that the university is operating efficiently. He is eager to root out duplicative services and processes. He has already appointed another task force led by Dean Everett of CADA to review business processes and make recommendations for streamlining.

As I mentioned before, the Chancellor has also appointed a task force to flesh out the strategic goal areas he has identified. This group is chaired by Dean Pagano and Professor Robert Winn. Sandy De Groote is the Library representative on this group which meets for the first time tomorrow.

New Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Appointed
The Chancellor recently announced the appointment of Dr. Robert A. Barish, chancellor of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at Shreveport, as UIC’s new Vice Chancellor for health affairs, pending Board approval. Dr. Barish will start his new role on January 1. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Barish and his family to Chicago. More about Dr. Barish can be found online.

Campus Awards Event
Just a reminder that the campus awards ceremony and reception is scheduled for next Tuesday, Nov. 10th, at the UIC Forum. Henry Vo and Linda Naru will be receiving awards, along with several staff who will be acknowledged for their years of service. I hope you will attend this event, if you possibly can to celebrate our colleagues. We will be having an All Staff meeting a bit later this fall to acknowledge these individuals, along with the other service recognition awards.

Website Redesign Kick-Off Meeting
The Web redesign team had its kick-off meeting with Pixo, our development partner on the project, on Wednesday of this week. The team aims to have a beta site ready for testing and review in the summer of 2016, with implementation slated for the fall semester. Tara Wood is leading this effort for the Library with many other staff deeply involved. My sincere thanks to all of you who will be working on this very important project. I know that it will take an enormous amount of effort to be done well and on schedule.

Campus Ethics Test
Thanks to everyone for helping the Library achieve 100% compliance with this state and University requirement. Your attention to this is very much appreciated.

UIC Library Achievement Award

Is there a UIC Library employee – faculty, civil service, or A/P – who achieved an outstanding level of job performance in 2009? Nominate her/him for the first annual UIC Library Achievement Award.

The Library is instituting an annual awards program to recognize and honor the achievements and outstanding work of employees on behalf of the Library. In 2010, there will be one award for outstanding achievement in 2009. During this year, Library Human Resources will work with various committees to develop categories for next year’s awards program, along with a process for soliciting and evaluating nominations. For example, recognition might be given for outstanding public service, faculty research, innovation, team projects, or individual merit. Look for details later this summer.

2010 UIC Library Achievement Award

Any regular employee working more than half-time who has worked for the Library for at least two years, is eligible for this award.

Nomination Process
Any library employee may nominate an individual, addressing as many of the following criteria as apply:

• Outstanding service to the Library beyond assigned responsibilities
• Demonstrated initiative, leadership, or creativity that enables the Library to achieve its strategic goals in the department, unit, site, or the library in general
• Demonstrated leadership in the Library or campus
• Informative and innovative research in a publication or conference presentation

Self-nominations will not be considered.

The nominee’s direct supervisor and department head must sign the nomination.

Supporting documentation such as letters of support can be included in the nomination.

The names of all nominees will be kept confidential.

Nominations are due Friday, April 2, 2010.

Nomination Review Process

For the 2010 award, Senior Staff will serve as the committee that reviews nominations and recommends the winner. The University Librarian will make the final decision on the winner.

Award Celebration

The 2010 UIC Library Achievement Award winner will be announced during National Library Week, April 12-16.

The winner will receive a certificate and a gift card.

From the Dean

You may be interested in this new report on research library publishing services just issued by ARL. Research Library Publishing Services: New Options for University Publishing ARL Publishes Report on Emerging Library Role Washington DC–The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published the results of a study of publishing services provided by ARL member libraries. To foster a deeper understanding of an emerging research library role as publishing service provider, in late 2007 ARL surveyed its membership about the publishing services they offer. Following the survey, publishing program managers at 10 institutions participated in semi-structured interviews to delve more deeply into several aspects of service development: the sources and motivations for service launch, the range of publishing services, and relationships with partners. The study verified that research libraries are rapidly developing publishing services. By late 2007, 44% of the 80 responding ARL member libraries reported they were delivering publishing services and another 21% were in the process of planning publishing service development. Only 36% of responding institutions were not active in this arena. Please click here to view the full report.

Check out LOCKSS YouTube video

UIC is a participant in LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), a project designed to help preserve digital information. LOCKSS has alerted us to a new video that has been created that talks about LOCKSS and its benefits., “Why Libraries Should Join LOCKSS.” Please take a look when you have a chance!

The piece was created by University of Michigan School of Information graduate students. In the two-part series (Part 1 and Part 2), they do an impressive job walking the viewer through the advantages and benefits of being a LOCKSS Alliance member.

Conversants: Call for papers

Conversants (ISSN: 1940-5022) is a limited-run, open-access journal about participatory networks. Part of a joint project on Participatory Librarianship between the Information Institute of Syracuse and the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP), the journal is a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to conversation-based theories as well as their applications in knowledge environments. Articles and essays are solicited not only to increase our understanding of participatory approaches to virtual and physical settings, but also to challenge the scholarly and practice communities. The emphasis of the journal is on durable concepts that transcend any particular technology or suite of functions.

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Updated issue brief on PR campaign against public access to federally funded research

In the last few days, growing criticism has been directed to the latest product of a public relations campaign sponsored by the Association of American Publishers (AAP) against public access initiatives concerning access to federally funded research and open access generally. Word of the campaign first broke in February of this year. A news article in the journal, Nature, reported on a set of simple messages being developed conflating public access to federally funded research with the destruction of peer review and government censorship. An issue brief was prepared at that time and shared with the ARL community. That issue brief has now been updated to respond to the announcement of the new PRISM coalition. The PRISM wWeb site presents a number of statements of the simple messages reported earlier, albeit reflecting further refinement over time.

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ARL introduces expenditures-focused index of university library members

UIC has been a member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) since 1988. In 2005-06, we ranked #73 in this Expenditure-focused index out of the 113 academic research libraries in ARL.

Beginning with the ARL Statistics 2005 data, ARL is introducing an Expenditures-Focused Index of the Association’s university library members for describing the amount of resources invested in these institutions.

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