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Periodicals Project is Completed After 24 Years

In 1981, Nancy John led an examination of the policy for treating periodical collections at the Chicago Circle campus. Public services and technical services departments agreed that periodicals should be fully cataloged, classified, and shelved together beginning in 1982. The policy was followed for new titles, but all other titles remained uncataloged, unclassified, and shelved in several sequences on two floors. Access was through the printed Serials Holdings List, or browsing by title.

In the 1990s, the Catalog Department created brief records in LUIS (the online catalog) for uncataloged periodicals. Sharon Hogan led a massive shifting project that closed the library for several days and brought all Main periodicals together in two sequences on 2 South. Selected cataloged and classified volumes were sent to the Warehouse, but well over 4,000 titles — about 100,000 volumes — remained shelved by title.

In 2001, a project was launched to complete the cataloging and classification of all Daley Library periodicals. Staff who participated included Bob Malinowsky and other bibliographers; Asha Limaye, Tom Ward, and other catalogers; Donald Mankin, Genelle Meland, Luz Vazquez, and other Circulation staff; and Regina Thompson, Yvette Smith, and others from Acquisitions. Tens of thousands of volumes, now duplicated by our electronic holdings, were transferred to the Warehouse at the time of cataloging.

On May 1, 2006, the last shelved-by-title volumes were pulled from the stacks and delivered to Cataloging. When work on these few trucks is completed, the 24-year periodicals cataloging project will have been brought to a successful conclusion. All Daley periodicals holdings will be in UICCAT and OCLC, all volumes will have barcodes and item records to allow easy circulation, browsing by subject will be universal, transfer to the Warehouse will be relatively simple, and Math periodicals will be integrated with Daley periodicals.

Thanks and congratulations to all, past and especially present, who worked on this project.