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2016 Library strategic plan is online

The Steering Committee finalized the UIC Library strategic plan for calendar 2016 at its February meeting.  The summary plan and detailed work plans for each of the 21 strategic initiatives are available online.

There is one champion for each strategic initiative.  The champion is responsible for ensuring that the work plan is implemented and steady progress is made toward the completion of deliverables and outcomes.  Champions will report to the Steering Committee on a regular basis.

With the adoption of the strategic plan, the Assessment, User Experience, and User Structures councils have been dissolved.  However, the work of these councils will be continued within the structure of the strategic plan.  If you are interested in contributing to a particular strategic initiative, please contact the champion.

Join the diversity discussion

Join the Library Diversity Committee for its next open discussion on Thursday, Sept. 25, at
2:30 p.m. in the LHS administrative conference room 228. In order to facilitate optimal conversation, seating is limited. Registration is requested at the online form below.

Sign up now and come give your perspective on diversity in our workplace!

LHS Special Collections opens house

The Library Diversity Committee invites you to attend the next open house

Tuesday, Aug. 5
1-3 p.m.
Library of the Health Sciences – Chicago

All members of the Library community are invited to take part in these
opportunities to increase staff knowledge of operational functions of
library departments.  Through introductory training sessions on specific
tools/processes and overall orientations, the goal is to improve the
number and diversity of staff who can assume different library functions.


Council membership for AY14 announced

New members of the Library’s three councils have been appointed for academic year 2013/14.  Membership rosters for the councils follow:

Assessment Council
Robin Beck (term ends August 2014)
Lisa Blake (term ends August 2014)
Deb Blecic (term ends August 2014)
Ruth Holst (term ends August 2014)
Jay Jurek (term ends August 2015)
Linda Naru (term ends August 2015)
Annie Pho (intern)
John Shuler (term ends August 2015) – Chair
Stephen Smith (term ends August 2015)

User Experience Council
Annie Armstrong (term ends August 2015)
Felicia Barrett (term ends August 2014)
Isabel Gonzalez-Smith (Intern)
Val Harris (term ends August 2015) – Chair
Tom Mantzakides (term ends August 2015)
Kavita Mundle (term ends August 2014)
Robert Sandusky (term ends August 2014)
Tracy Seneca (term ends August 2015)
Dante Williams (term ends August 2014)

User Structures Council
Sandy De Groote (term ends August 2014)
Kate Flynn (intern)
Gwen Gregory (term ends August 2014) – Co-chair
Jay Lambrecht (term ends August 2015)
Scott Pitol (term ends August 2014)
John Matthews (term ends August 2015)
Radha Ramaswamy (term ends August 2015)
Mary Shultz (term ends August 2015) – Co-chair
Ling Wang (term ends August 2014)

This council structure took effect in fall 2012, replacing the Access Services Council, Collection and Technical Services Council, Public Services Access Council, and Discovery and Delivery Council and the work groups that reported to these councils.

The goals for reconfiguration are:
•    Further integrate user-centeredness in all aspects of library work
•    Emphasize strategies that empower librarians and staff to connect effectively with users
•    Improve the efficiency, timeliness, and communication pathways of library work
•    Reduce the number of teams pursuing overlapping initiatives
•    Integrate short term task forces with specific charges into the council structure
•    Allow for a more responsive and timely orientation to library services
•    Orient task forces to action and management of change
•    Allow junior faculty more opportunities for leadership experience
•    Allow more participation by support staff members

Information literacy webcast 2/7

On February 7 from noon to 1:45 p.m., in 1-360 Daley, the faculty Teaching Support and Curriculum Committee will sponsor a webcast from Academic Impressions, “Integrating Information Literacy into the First Year.” Speakers will be Ian Benton, Public Services Librarian, Undergraduate Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Anne-Marie Dietering, Franklin McEdward Professor for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives, Oregon State University, and Adrianna Guram, Coordinator of Academic Initiatives, Center for the First-Year Experience, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Participants will learn to:

  • Utilize librarians in curriculum planning
  • Create research-based learning outcomes that address information literacy
  • Develop authentic and engaging research experiences and assignments for first year students
  • Foster collaboration between librarians and first-year seminar faculty

For more information, see the Academic Impressions Web site or contact


LSSAC roster

New members of the Library Support Staff Advisory Committee (LSSAC) began their terms of service on August 16. Members and the departments or sites they represent are as follows:

Special Collections, Administration, Collections Development, Science, and Reference:
Mohammed Ather
Mary Diaz

Nancy Malinowski
April Pittman
Dasheka Whitaker

Vickie Gordon
Charlom Wilcher

Susan Glover
Amber Hoppenworth

Karen Luna

Ora Daniels


Mary Case

LSSAC’s role is to serve as a conduit of information and concerns about library and civil service staff-related issues between staff and the administration; to advise the University Librarian on issues affecting civil service staff as requested; to help develop topics and speakers for staff development programs, particularly the annual Staff Development Day; to work with Library academic staff on issues of mutual concern and social events intended to build community.

E-ppendix adds to knowledge about LHS

The first issue of E-ppendix: Electronic Newsletter of the UIC Library of the Health Sciences is now available.

The newsletter will publicize LHS’s resources, services, and staff. Each issue will include with a message from Assistant University Librarian for the Health Sciences Kate Carpenter, columns about collections, the GMR, searching tips, and scholarly communication, and feature articles. The editorial board is the LHS Presence Committee.

E-ppendix is published in UIC’s open access journal system.

SOCC sponsors drive for U.S. troops

The Library is working through Operation Support Our Troops – Illinois, Inc. to send food and toiletries to U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Sense of Community Committee organized the drive.

Collection boxes are located in the Daley Library, the Library of the Health Sciences, and the Science Library from September 8 – October 15, 2009.

The top ten items needed:
canned soup/pasta (20 oz. or less)
canned fruit (20 oz. or less)
granola bars
Pringles (in canisters)
crackers (16 oz. or less)
wipes (unscented)
foot powder (20 oz. or less)
shaving cream (non-aerosol)
lotion for men (16 oz. or less)
mouthwash/dental rinse (20 oz. or less)

Lectures & Forums presents Schmidt and Shelburne

The Library’s Lectures and Forums Committee is hosting two presentations on Friday, August 14, 2009, by Professor Karen Schmidt, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Professor Wendy Shelburne, University of Illinois.

Joys and Sorrows: How to Make Collaborative Research Work
10:00 am – 11:30 am in Room 303 LHS-Chicago
This presentation by Professors Schmidt and Shelburne will draw upon their experience from several projects in discussing collaborative research from conception to completion. Their presentation will address the joys and pitfalls of collaboration and methods for finding and exposing the strengths of each member of a group on any given project. There is a rich literature on multi-authored works in library and information science and evidence that library science co-authored works exhibit higher quality and have higher acceptance rates in peer-reviewed journals.

E-books from the Ground
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm in Lower Level (Institute for the Humanities), Stevenson Hall
Professor Shelburne will share her experiences with e-books implementation at the University of Illinois Library. She will report the results of her latest research, an e-book survey that investigated usage patterns, discovery, and knowledge of e-books among the university community, and will highlight user predictions of how they will use electronic and print materials in the future.

Karen Schmidt, University Librarian and University Copyright Officer at Illinois Wesleyan University. She has been a member of the faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University since 2007. Karen has edited two editions of Understanding the Business of Library Acquisitions for ALA Press, and has written a number of scholarly articles on library collection development and acquisitions, and library history. She has a BS and MLS from Indiana University and a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. Her current areas of research include serious gaming in higher education, archiving of web content as primary source material, and how the evolving world of publishing affects academic libraries.

Wendy Shelburne is Electronic Resources Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Administration at the University of Illinois. She has been a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois Library since 2000. She received her MLS as well as a MA in Russian and East European Area Studies from the University of Illinois. Her research interests include access to and management of electronic and digital resources, production and usage of electronic resources and their impacts upon scholarship, and collection development strategies for the digital age.

Both Professor Schmidt and Professor Shelburne are the recipients of the Best of LRTS Award and the Blackwell’s Scholarship Award in 2009 for their article with David Vess on “Approaches to Selection, Access, and Collection Development in the Web World: A Case Study with the Fugitive Literature,” Library Resources and Technical Services,” 52 (3) 2008, 184-191.