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University Library Web Update | October 2017

New Special Collections & University Archives Page

Check out the new landing page for Special Collections & University Archives! It features a new splash image, display of hours for each location, news related to the department and collections, and its own menu.

Moving Library Websites to HTTPS

In mid-October, the Google Chrome browser will display a “not secure” warning for sites that do not use HTTPS (“Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure). The warning will encourage users not to enter any sensitive information on the site, such as passwords or credit cards.

Library Systems is working to move our sites over to HTTPS, but you will most likely see warnings on some library and UIC websites when you use a form (including search forms, like the library home page.

Library Search will display a 'not secure' warning in the browser until the website is updated to HTTPS.

Some databases and catalogs with the ability to create accounts – such as I-Share and the UIC Library Catalog – are already using HTTPS and will not display a warning.

Most likely, few patrons will notice the change. However, if you do get any questions, you can direct them to

More information and examples of HTTPS warnings

2016-2017 Annual Report for UIC Library Websites

If you’d like to know more about usage of our main library website, digital exhibits, and LibGuides, see theĀ Web Report for AY2016-2017. If you have any questions about the data you’re seeing, contact