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TV2025 to set vision for Library’s strategic plan

From Mary Case:

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic planning process for the Library to be undertaken this year. The first step will be the development of a strategic vision for the future to be created by Team Vision 2025, a task force whose charge is to lead the Library in an inclusive process that will kickoff at the All Staff meeting on February 2, 2017. Watch for details!

Now that UIC has its new campus administrators in place and a new campus strategic plan, it is time for the Library to update its Strategic Plan from 2006. That plan has served us well providing a path forward for the Library for a decade.

Team Vision 2025 will guide us in the development of a community understanding of and commitment to our future—a vision for what the UIC Library will be in 2025. Such vision is critical in guiding the investments that will be needed to ensure the Library remains a vital partner in education, research, clinical care, and knowledge creation. I have asked the Task Force to devise a process for their work that will include participation by all Library staff and faculty and by representatives of our external constituencies.

Below is the charge to the Task Force and the list of members. My thanks to the members for their willingness to take on this assignment and to all of you for your active participation as the process moves forward.

Team Vision 2025: Creating a Future for the UIC University Library

Members: Linda Naru (chair), Kate Carpenter, Sandy De Groote, Gwen Gregory, Bob Sandusky, Andrea Smith

The Charge: 2025 Library Strategic Vision Team

The charge to Team Vision 2025 (TV2025) is to develop a vision to inform and to guide strategic development in the University Library throughout all aspects of Library operations over the next decade.

The Team should develop a map of the future, analyzing state, national and international trends that will influence the opportunities for the University Library and identify themes and areas for emphasis that will propel the Library to excellence, compelling value to faculty and students, the University, Chicago and Illinois, and enhanced national and international prominence.

The vision should encompass the strengths and potentials of all sites, including Rockford, Peoria and Urbana, culminating in broad recommendations valuable to Library decision-makers until the year 2025 and beyond. Key recommendations should be insights and ideas that can be interpreted flexibly, so they can be modified and adapted in response to changing conditions over time.

The Team’s report will (1) situate the University Library in a broader institutional, educational, professional and cultural context; (2) identify critical areas and salient features; (3) integrate multiple dimensions of strategic thinking and planning from Library departments, the Library faculty, Library users and the University; (4) propose new initiatives without evident University Library antecedents, as appropriate; and (5) promote organizationally thematic unity.

TV2025 deliberations will result in a clearly written document laying out the University Library’s values, purpose and mission, along with a vivid description of the UIC University Library in 2025. The report will also articulate Library strategies for meeting the needs of students and faculty at a high-quality public research institution in a unique urban setting.

The first step for the Team will be to develop an open process and aggressive timeline that provides for the active participation of any and all UIC Library staff. This first step should be completed by February 1.  The vision document itself should be completed by May 15. The Team will report its progress to the Library Steering Committee.

New employees in 2017

Mohzdeh Khodarahmi accepted the position of Library Operations Associate in the Daley Library Circulation Department, as of January 23, 2017.

Ben Aldred accepted the position of Assistant Professor and Reference and Liaison Librarian, as of January 23, 2017.  He will serve as liaison to the College of Urban Policy and Planning and the Jane Addams College of Social Work.

Amelia Brunskill accepted the position of Visiting Assistant Professor and Information Services and Liaison Librarian, as of February 6, 2017