New Library website debuts August 9

The new library website will launch on Tuesday, August 9!  At that time, the old website will no longer be available. You can preview the site until August 9 when the only the new site will be available at

Why is there a new Library website?

  • The previous site was not designed to work for phones, tablets, or small screens. The new site is optimized to work on devices of any size.
  • Accessibility and technology standards have changed dramatically since our last site was launched in 2009. The new site will work much better for people with different abilities.
  • The Library will be able to make changes and improvements more rapidly on our new platform.
  • Based on feedback from UIC students and faculty, we knew we needed a site that makes information easier to scan and digest, so the new site features concise content and less jargon.

What if I get complaints from library users?

In any project where there are big changes to what people are used to using, there will be some complaints. Emphasizing the benefits of the new site–that it works better for different screen sizes and for people with disabilities–will go a long way.

Any library faculty or staff should feel free to send a message on behalf of any users to Be sure to collect the users’ contact information if they would like a response.

What can I expect on the day of the launch?

  • Google indexing of the new site will take some time. You may see the old site in search results for up to one day.
  • With the new site, we’ll be moving to LibChat as our chat platform and updating the chat widgets across our web presence.
  • LibGuides will get a new look and feel to match the new website.

What can I expect after launch?

  • More changes will come in the fall, as we continuously update the site based on feedback from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Planned updates over the next year include:
    • Bento search (read more about bento search in this article:
    • Directory improvements, including filters by subject or liaison areas.

Where can I find ____from the old site?

The Help section of the site contains information about library services including:

  • Course reserves
  • Library instruction
  • Interlibrary loan and article delivery
  • Refworks, and other tools for citation management

You can also search for services by keyword or filter by topic area on the Help search results.

The Collections section will help you find additional tools to search library resources–including the Classic Catalog, located on the Books & Media page.

Chat is available from any page on the site. The directory is searchable by employee name or keyword (for liaisons)–so you can look up title, liaison area, or search for “liaison” to pull up a full list of liaisons.

If you have any questions, please email