Website Redesign Update #12

Usability testing report

Thank you to everyone who participated in this round of usability testing. Based on the results, the implementation team has already made some changes to the beta site, including:

  • Adding resource links on the home page search box
  • Combining and updating content on several help articles and pages
  • Updating button hover styles
  • Disabling dropdown menus

Read the full beta site usability test report.

The new site will launch August 9th. You’ll get more information soon about what to expect and how to prepare.

Accessibility report

Our new library website will release with zero accessibility violations! Pixo has provided a report detailing our compliance with accessibility standards, which also includes helpful information about writing accessible web content and checking your work. If you create LibGuides, blog posts, or any other web content, this is definitely worth a read.

Read the full accessibility report.