Website Redesign Update #11: Home Stretch!

Usability testing

Usability testing is complete! We tested with 10 graduates, 6 undergraduates and
4 faculty from all five of our locations. I’m processing the notes and findings with the Redesign Implementation Team, the Web Advisory Group, and members of the Web Content Team. We’ll be making several changes to the beta site based on the usability testing and feedback from library faculty and staff. Some of these changes will be implemented in time for the launch, and others will happen throughout the Fall semester.

A full report and outline of changes will be coming soon.

Beta site feedback

Some of you have already given feedback about the beta site–thank you! If you have anything you’d like to share, keep in mind the date for full consideration is July 25th. After that, we’ll be getting ready for the launch, though feedback you provide at any time will be considered for future launches and changes.

Visit the beta site. Email any feedback to As you review the site, it may help to revisit the priorities that we set for this project (from the Redesign Strategy):

  1. Migrate to a modern, more flexible content management system (CMS) and infrastructure.
  2. Implement a streamlined information architecture, navigation system, and homepage that prioritize student success.
  3. Redesign site content to be more useful, usable, and accessible to end users.
  4. Establish an accessible, user-friendly visual design that meets the new University branding guidelines; clearly conveys the Library’s brand and key message as defined by the Communications Plan; and provides a framework for the visual design of other web properties.

What’s next?

The site launch is coming up fast. The new site will go up and the old site will come down the week of August 8th. I’m happy to come to any department meetings to talk about the site or walk through strategies for building instructional materials around the new site. Just send an email to