Visit the beta site

The beta version of our new website is live! Take a look.

What is a beta site? It is a site that is mostly complete, but still may have some bugs or room for improvements. That’s where you come in! Take a look and send any feedback you have to Please don’t be offended if you don’t get a response right away – I’m planning to collect responses and updates and post them here, on the ULIB blog. Please send any feedback by July 25th for full consideration.

Important dates coming up

July 5th-15th: Usability testing

Starting July 5th, the Web Advisory Group, plus additional help from Kate Flynn, Janet McMahon, Jenny Taylor, Karen Luna, and Rosie Hanneke, will conduct usability testing with students and faculty at all of our locations.

July 25th: Last day to share feedback

This gives the developers and content authors time to incorporate any changes we need to make.

August 8th-12th: New site launches, old site comes down

This week we will launch the new site, and make updates to display styles in LibGuides and Serials Solutions. We’ll also officially migrate to LibChat with the launch of the new site. When the new site goes up, the old site will no longer be available, except through the Internet Archive.

Important information for liaisons and instructors

If you need to update screenshots and instructions about using the library website in your instructional materials, you can go ahead and start doing that now using the beta site.

A few tips for screenshots and instructions for using a responsive site, which looks different at different screen sizes:

  • Avoid taking a screenshot of a whole page–it might not be very useful to someone using a small laptop or tablet.
  • Focus on screenshots of individual elements, like a search box or a button.
  • Avoid text that refers to a place on the desktop screen, like “use the menu on the left,” since it might not be on the left on a phone or tablet–instead, you could say “use the menu to go to ‘directory’.”


Thanks to everyone who has worked on usability testing, writing content, and providing feedback!