Website Redesign Update #10

Help us plan a usability test!

The Web Advisory Group and additional Library faculty and staff will conduct usability testing on our beta site in July 2016. This will help us to identify any final changes we need to make before the site launches in August 2016.

We need your help identifying tasks students and/or faculty and staff at should be able to do on the site! Think about:

  • What are the most common questions you get on the service desks? Over email? Or chat?
  • What do people tell you they can’t find? Or that they aren’t sure how to do?
  • What are some stressful situations for our students, faculty and staff that you’ve helped with?

Enter in your suggested tasks or scenarios into the Task Brainstorming Spreadsheet by Monday, June 6th. You’ll also see some example tasks in the spreadsheet that can help get you started.

Email if you have any questions.