Website Redesign Update #9

Home page search design

The Discovery Systems Advisory Group (formerly the Summon Working Group) conducted usability testing with students with the wireframes, focusing especially on the home page search.

Based on the results, the group finalized the design that will appear on our beta site, which will be available for faculty, staff, and student input this summer.

Read the full wireframes usability report

View the wireframes

Web content

The Web Content Team has completed the initial drafts for all of the content for the site. We’ve asked the Steering Committee members to collect feedback from their departments.

The team is using a tool called Gather Content to draft content, which will be imported into WordPress in May. You will need to log in to Gather Content to view the drafts.

View the instructions to log in and view content

Also, I want to recognize everyone all of the library faculty and staff who lent their advice and expertise. If you see these people, thank them for their contributions!

Web Content Team

  • Alejandro Castro
  • Sandy De Groote
  • Isabel Gonzalez-Smith
  • Rosie Hanneke
  • Dan Harper
  • Amber Hoppenworth
  • Linda Naru
  • Tara Wood

Content consultants


  • Jen Bordy
  • Paula Dempsey
  • Peggy Glowacki
  • Val Harris
  • Glenda Insua
  • Becky Lowery
  • Scott Pitol
  • Tracy Seneca
  • Sonia Yaco


  • Jamie Dwyer
  • Jay Jurek
  • Kevin O’Brien


  • Karen Luna


  • Janet McMahon
  • Leslie Wedel


  • Ryan Rafferty
  • Jenny Taylor