Website Redesign Update #7

Website Mockups

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the wireframes. We now haveĀ mockups of our new website that show the site colors, fonts, and features. WAG already reviewed the first round, and Pixo incorporated their feedback. Now its time for everyone to take a look!

Please provide your feedback through this Qualtrics survey by Tuesday, March 1st.

Search Box Usability Testing

I’ve been working with the Summon Working Group to design the home page search box. We’ll be doing usability testing with students the week of March 14th. If you have access to any student groups or listservs that we can use to recruit students, please get in touch at

Web Content

The Web Content Team has been hard at work writing and gathering the new content for the site. We’ll have the first drafts of all the site content ready in mid-March.

Up Next

We’ll share the design for the site search box soon, after usability testing with students is complete. There will also be opportunities for feedback on site content. Keep your eyes out on the ULIB blog and forĀ all-staff emails for updates.