You can schedule Daley conference rooms!

There are five conference rooms in the Daley Library that are open to Library staff for business meeting.  Staff can reserve these rooms through UICal.  Check the availability and schedule meetings by selecting “Open” from the File/Agenda menu and typing in one of the  UICal IDs below from).

Please continue to send requests for reserving room -470 to  Contact if you have questions about UICal.

 Daley Library Conference Rooms

Room 1-360 (aka the Fishbowl)

  • Location:  1st floor north
  • Has phone, projector
  • No computer
  • Seats 13 around the table
  • UICal ID:  res:Lib Conference 1-360/LIB

 Room 1-472A (aka Circulation conference room)

  • Location:  ILL/DRU
  • Has phone
  • No projector or computer
  • Seats 6
  • UICal ID:  res:LIB 1-472A – Circ. Conf. Room

 Room 2-380 (aka RAM conference room)

  • Location:  RAM
  • Has phone and computer
  • No projector
  • Seats 6
  • UICal ID:  res:Lib 2-380

 Room 2-197 (aka Collections Development conference room)

  • Location:  RSR (formerly Collections Development)
  • Has phone
  • No computer or projector
  • Seats 6
  • UICal ID:  res:LIB 2-197 RSR Conf Room

Room 3-330

  • Location:  Special Collections
  • Has phone
  • No computer or projector
  • Seats 10
  • UICal ID:  res:LIB Conference Room