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Cleo Pappas promoted to associate professor

Cleo Pappas’ favorite aspect of working for UIC is the diversity and the resulting opportunities to interact with people from all parts of the world. Pappas said, “I feel like a citizen of the world here, not just a resident of Illinois.”

Pappas’ devotion to people has lead to a thriving career at the Library of the Health Sciences. As of August 16, 2012 she will assume the title of Associate Professor and Assistant Information Services Librarian.

What Pappas most looks forward to about her new promotion is her role as mentor to two colleagues at the Library of the Health Sciences. Pappas said, “each of them opens my eyes to new perspectives and insights. Being a mentor allows me to grow by sharing my experience and tempering that experience to the needs of a new generation.”

Working with others is certainly a central aspect of Pappas’ research. She began performing medical reference ten years ago and took an interest in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and the impact it would have on the medical practice. When she began working at UIC and was given the opportunity to perform her own research, she decided to learn more about other librarians who practice EBM. Along with her colleague Holly Burt, Pappas is, “investigating who is practicing clinical librarianship, what their experience is like, and in what institutions they are practicing.” She has also been invited to join the research teams of medical faculty and clinicians.

Pappas thoroughly enjoys working at UIC. She said, “I am struck by how people who are so different can present a united front when caring for a patient, tackling a tough diagnosis or therapy question, or researching a scientific problem. I am humbled by the wonderful minds I meet here.”

For Pappas, what it comes down to is this: “I love coming to work each day. How many people can say that?”

Felicia Barrett promoted to associate professor

As changes the field of library science progress, those who observe and adapt to the change are in high demand. Felicia Barrett is doing just that.

Promoted as of August 16, 2012, Barrett is now Associate Professor and Interim Regional Head Librarian at the Crawford Library of the Health Sciences – Rockford.

With thirty years of experience working in academic health sciences libraries, Barrett has seen many changes. Her first area of research focused on comparing the use of print and electronic resources within a small regional health sciences library. She also researches issues that are specific to rural libraries. Most recently, she has studied reference service trends.

Barrett is looking forward to her new role at the Library of the Health Sciences – Rockford. She said, “I look forward to reshaping the direction of the Crawford Library into the digital age. The library is acquiring so much of its materials electronically…being involved in the decision-making process for those materials is important for the preservation and integrity of our collection.” She also anticipates mentoring the new Visiting Regional Assistant Librarian and imparting her knowledge and experience to younger colleagues.

Barrett also expressed how much she enjoys working for UIC, from helping patrons access the information they require to making sure that needed services and resources are available to guests. She said, “I have had the privilege of working in an academic library for my entire career and I couldn’t be happier.”