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24 Years Later: Deloris Thomas Retires April 30th

Twenty-four years later, Deloris Thomas is back at the Library of the Health Sciences. Deloris began working for the UIC Library in 1988. She started LHS, and circulated from the Math Library, to the Art & Architecture Library, followed by the Daley Library. In August 2011, after 17 years in different branches in the UIC Library, she resumed work at LHS in Access Services.

“I’m not really ready to retire. I have more energy now than ever,” said Deloris. While she may not feel ready to retire, Deloris is ready for a change. She hopes that after taking two months to visit her family in Mississippi that she can return to part-time work in a library.

Her journey to Mississippi seems fitting after her retirement from the UIC Library. At the University of Mississippi, Deloris held her first library position as a student worker in the University Libraries. “I called my old supervisor when I got the job here, and he told me he just knew I’d end up working in a library” said Deloris.

After her graduation from the University of Mississippi with a degree in social work, Deloris moved to Chicago. A Mississippi native, Deloris was smitten with the city after a visit with family.  During her first eight years in Chicago, she held various positions from substitute teacher to administrative assistant before the recommendation of a friend brought her to LHS.

Despite a continued enthusiasm for the city, Deloris returns frequently to Mississippi to visit her family, and enjoys the slower pace of life. “It’s nice there, and in Mississippi I had the greatest childhood. People still wave to you all the time when you pass them in the car,” said Deloris.

Deloris has been a part of numerous branches of the UIC Library and seen a vast amount of change in 24 years. Throughout that time, Deloris has made providing patron services a priority in her work, and it will be the patrons she misses the most after what she hopes will be her final, but not all that final, day of work on April 30th.

Pappas awarded faculty scholarship funds

Cleo Pappas, Assistant Information Services Librarian, has been awarded funds from the  Faculty Scholarship Support Program to travel to another institution that offers bedside clinical librarianship.  Pappas will observe the practices of other clinical librarians and identify those that could improve the UIC program.

The awarding of funds from the program administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs represents  a university-wide acknowledgement of the importance of clinical librarianship and recognition of the collaboration between the library and the hospital.

Wedel resigns

Leslie Wedel, Library Assistant at the Crawford Library of the Health Sciences at Rockford, has resigned effective April 27, 2012. She has accepted a position with UIC College of Medicine – Rockford Compliance Office.

Angela and Hector Mendez Retire April 30th

When Angela Mendez first began working at the UIC Library, her daughter was 4-years old. When Hector Mendez began working at UIC Library, his daughter was 11-years old. As the end of April nears and their retirement approaches, Angela and Hector’s daughter is now 30-years old, and their youngest grandson is 11-years old.

Angela’s life-long love of libraries prompted her to apply to the UIC Library in 1986. In the time since, Angela became well acquainted with all aspects of the library, beginning in Circulation, moving to the Math Library, then working as a supervisor in Book Stacks, and working in the Acquisitions Department where she has spent most of her 25 years with the UIC Library.

Coincidentally, Angela’s love of libraries also brought Hector to the UIC Library. While looking for a job, Hector applied to the UIC Library at Angela’s recommendation, and he began work in the Acquisitions Department in a temporary position. Hector always seemed to come back to Acquisitions, with stints in the Math Library, Book Stacks, and Circulation between his three periods with Acquisitions in his 18 years at UIC Library.

“There has been a lot of change in my time here – both in the way I do my job, and in the atmosphere of the library,” said Hector. Angela agrees, noting how extensively cataloging has changed in the past two decades. “I still love what I do,” noted Angela, and both feel they leave behind a big places to fill.

Angela and Hector have shared the same department for only the last two years of their time at the UIC Library. Outside of occasional meetings, and their usual Friday lunches, Hector and Angela would only see each other during the trip to and from the Library before a re-classification returned Hector to the Acquisitions department. “We didn’t want to get sick of each other,” said Angela on the infrequency of their interaction.

They are excited to spend more time together in their retirement, though Angela and Hector view their retirement as bittersweet. “I’m leaving behind some people I’ve known for 18 years,” said Hector, and Angela echoes him stating that they plan to stay in touch with their friends from the UIC Library, but it will be nothing like the day-to-day interaction they have now with them.

Angela and Hector have no immediate plans for their retirement, noting that not having to plan will be one of the luxuries of retirement. “That and possibly sleeping in to 6:00 a.m.,” said Angela, whose day begins at 5:00 a.m. now. They are looking forward to their grandson’s visit during the summer, the White-Sox game they are attending to celebrate their retirement, and enjoying their 30th wedding anniversary.

The Mendez retirement party will be Thursday, April 26 from 2:00p.m.-3:30p.m. in Daley Library Room 1-470.

UIC Library celebrates National Library Week and More

During the week of April 9-13, 2012 the UIC Library will take part in three national celebrations.

School, public, academic, and special libraries participate in National Library Week, sponsored by the American Library Association. National Library Week acknowledges the contributions of libraries and library workers and promotes library use and support.  To show appreciation, Library administration will enter all employee names into raffles to win gift-cards to Barnes & Noble, Potbelly, McDonalds, and more.

April 10 is National Library Workers Day, a day for library staff and patrons to recognize the contributions made by library workers.  This day, staff, supervisors, and administration are encouraged to recognize staff members by submitting their name and the reason they are an excellent employee to the “Submit a Star” program on the ALA Web site. Posters will be available at Daley Library and LHS for patrons to share what they appreciate about the Daley Library and LHS.

National Student Employment Week recognizes the importance of the student work experience and the contributions that student workers make in the roles they fill. In appreciation of the many student workers within the UIC Library, pizza will be available for students On Wednesday, April 11, at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the Daley Library Staff Lounge and at LHS in LHS-C.