UIC Library Achievement Award

Is there a UIC Library employee – faculty, civil service, or A/P – who achieved an outstanding level of job performance in 2009? Nominate her/him for the first annual UIC Library Achievement Award.

The Library is instituting an annual awards program to recognize and honor the achievements and outstanding work of employees on behalf of the Library. In 2010, there will be one award for outstanding achievement in 2009. During this year, Library Human Resources will work with various committees to develop categories for next year’s awards program, along with a process for soliciting and evaluating nominations. For example, recognition might be given for outstanding public service, faculty research, innovation, team projects, or individual merit. Look for details later this summer.

2010 UIC Library Achievement Award

Any regular employee working more than half-time who has worked for the Library for at least two years, is eligible for this award.

Nomination Process
Any library employee may nominate an individual, addressing as many of the following criteria as apply:

• Outstanding service to the Library beyond assigned responsibilities
• Demonstrated initiative, leadership, or creativity that enables the Library to achieve its strategic goals in the department, unit, site, or the library in general
• Demonstrated leadership in the Library or campus
• Informative and innovative research in a publication or conference presentation

Self-nominations will not be considered.

The nominee’s direct supervisor and department head must sign the nomination.

Supporting documentation such as letters of support can be included in the nomination.

The names of all nominees will be kept confidential.

Nominations are due Friday, April 2, 2010.

Nomination Review Process

For the 2010 award, Senior Staff will serve as the committee that reviews nominations and recommends the winner. The University Librarian will make the final decision on the winner.

Award Celebration

The 2010 UIC Library Achievement Award winner will be announced during National Library Week, April 12-16.

The winner will receive a certificate and a gift card.