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Michael Carroll presents Nakata lecture April 22

Michael Carroll, professor of law and director of the program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at American University’s Washington College of Law, will present the UIC Library’s Nakata Lecture at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 22, 2010, in the Daley Library Reserve Reading Room.

Prof. Carroll’s research focuses on the search for balance in intellectual property in the face of challenges posed by new technologies. He is a leading advocate for open access to research in scholarly and scientific journals and is a founding member of Creative Commons.

The lecture will be available in erooms. A reception follows Prof. Carroll’s presentation

April anniversaries

Congratulations to employees hired in the month of April:

Cathy Sauer 31 years
Sheryl White 29 years
Teauria Brown 21 years
Thomas Ward 18 years
Gail Davis 14 years
Jill Evans 13 years
Ling Wang 12 years
Jacqueline Slaughter 10 years
Alan Resendiz 10 years
Erika Tenorio 9 years
Henry Vo 9 years
Catherine Santee 9 years
Mala Modi 8 years
Marcia Dellenbach 6 years
Allison Seagram 5 years

Team building training April 8

Dan Wiseman will present the next staff development program, Team Building: Who are We, How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going?, on Thursday, April 8, 2010.

There are two opportunities to attend the workshop: the morning session is at the Daley Library from 9:00 a.m. – noon. The afternoon session is at the Library of the Health Sciences – Chicago from 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. The morning session e-room URL is:

For the afternoon session:

The goal of the workshop to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Appreciate Inquiry as conceptual framework to achieve the following:

– Help us communicate more effectively with each other based on our personality preferences.
– Understand each other better and learn how we can work more effectively as a team.
– Define how as staff we contribute to the success of the library.
– Identify the significant challenges and choices faced by the library in the years ahead.
– Increase our cohesiveness and ability to work effectively to meet the challenges ahead.

Contact Library Human Resources at or via telephone at x6-7353 to register for this session.

UIC Library Achievement Award

Is there a UIC Library employee – faculty, civil service, or A/P – who achieved an outstanding level of job performance in 2009? Nominate her/him for the first annual UIC Library Achievement Award.

The Library is instituting an annual awards program to recognize and honor the achievements and outstanding work of employees on behalf of the Library. In 2010, there will be one award for outstanding achievement in 2009. During this year, Library Human Resources will work with various committees to develop categories for next year’s awards program, along with a process for soliciting and evaluating nominations. For example, recognition might be given for outstanding public service, faculty research, innovation, team projects, or individual merit. Look for details later this summer.

2010 UIC Library Achievement Award

Any regular employee working more than half-time who has worked for the Library for at least two years, is eligible for this award.

Nomination Process
Any library employee may nominate an individual, addressing as many of the following criteria as apply:

• Outstanding service to the Library beyond assigned responsibilities
• Demonstrated initiative, leadership, or creativity that enables the Library to achieve its strategic goals in the department, unit, site, or the library in general
• Demonstrated leadership in the Library or campus
• Informative and innovative research in a publication or conference presentation

Self-nominations will not be considered.

The nominee’s direct supervisor and department head must sign the nomination.

Supporting documentation such as letters of support can be included in the nomination.

The names of all nominees will be kept confidential.

Nominations are due Friday, April 2, 2010.

Nomination Review Process

For the 2010 award, Senior Staff will serve as the committee that reviews nominations and recommends the winner. The University Librarian will make the final decision on the winner.

Award Celebration

The 2010 UIC Library Achievement Award winner will be announced during National Library Week, April 12-16.

The winner will receive a certificate and a gift card.

2010 Daley Forum April 27

The 2010 Richard J. Daley Global Cities Forum will take place on Tuesday, April 27, from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 pm at the UIC Forum.

This year’s program addresses the theme New Partnerships for a New Economy and discusses how public-private partnerships help municipal leaders continue to deliver services in these challenging economic times. Participants include the mayors of Chicago’s 28 sister cities and other global municipalities, along with prominent business, civic, academic and foundation leaders.

ClimateQUAL survey period begins March 22

This spring, the Library will participate in a survey tool called ClimateQUAL. The tool, administered by the Association for Research Libraries (ARL), measures the employment climate at libraries based on employee responses to a series of survey questions. The survey complements the LibQUAL surveys the Library has undertaken twice before. Your participation in the survey will be needed.

The survey period will begin March 22 and run for 3 weeks. Every library staff member (including student employees) will be invited to take the survey. You will be sent a link to it on March 22. You will need approximately an hour of time at a private computer, though the survey can be taken in multiple sittings. Department heads will ensure that everyone has access to a computer in a private setting for taking the survey.

All staff will be asked to identify as belonging to one of seven standardized groups. Information on those groups will be forthcoming.

The scores and the comments from the survey will help the Library identify how best to work with and even improve the employment climate at UIC Library. This is important because findings from the survey at other libraries have been shown to correlate directly and strongly to how library users perceive library services. As ARL states, “It is an online survey with questions designed to understand the impact perceptions have on service quality in a library setting.” The survey measures climate in four areas: Diversity, Justice, Innovation, and Continual Learning.

Annie Ford ( and Peter Hepburn ( are the point people within the Library for working with ARL on the survey. Please direct questions and comments to them. There will be further information and alerts to come ahead of March 22.

Your participation will provide rich information for the Library. We hope that everyone, including student workers, will participate. Survey results will be recorded as scores that cannot be tracked back to individuals. Comments made in relation to questions may be shared among some staff.

Project management training March 11

Do you have unfinished projects on your desk? Is your to-do list getting longer and longer? Sign up for the second installment in 2010 Staff Development series:

Project Management Without Tears, presented by Dr. Malore I. Brown
DATE: Thursday, March 11, 2010
TIME/LOCATION: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Room 1-210 Daley Library or via erooms
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Room 303 LHS or via erooms

OVERVIEW: Success in today’s work environment demands a structured, systematic approach to project management. This workshop provides an introduction and overview of project management basics. Participants will be introduced to the core tools and techniques of project management: planning, initiating, executing, control and closing. By the end of this session you will gain a better understanding of how to plan and control a variety of projects in your organization.

GOAL: To provide an introduction and overview of project management. Offer the latest project management techniques and best practices, including terminology, examples, and practical exercises.

Contact Library Human Resources at or via telephone at 6-7353 to register for this session.

Save the date for the next staff development session:
APRIL 8, 2010 – TEAM BUILDING – DAN WISEMAN of Wiseman Consulting & Training

Nominations for INSPIRE award due April 15

The 2010 INSPIRE Award Committee invites you to nominate a UIC employee (faculty, staff, lecturer, TA, RA, student worker) for the INSPIRE Award. The INSPIRE award is a component of the WOW Award program and was first presented in the spring of 2007. It recognizes long-term, consistent, and outstanding professional service to the UIC community.

Anyone who is employed by UIC is eligible to receive an INSPIRE award. Employees from the Rockford and Peoria campuses and the Library of the Health Sciences – Urbana are also eligible for consideration.

To submit a nomination, a minimum of two letters of support are needed:
– one from the nominee’s supervisor
– one from a co-worker or student.

The nominator may write a letter of support if they are the nominee’s supervisor, co-worker, or student. In the letter, please provide specific examples of a nominee’s commitment to UIC’s Core Values and a sense of the range of people they inspire.

UIC’s core values:
Integrity – Respecting the dignity and worth of everyone by maintaining the highest degree of ethical and moral conduct.

Nurture – Supporting an environment that fosters individual and community growth.

Service – Responding courteously to the needs of the people we serve and striving to exceed their expectations.

Pride – Taking pride in ourselves and in the work we do.

Intellect – Supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Respect – Treating every individual with respect as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are committed to diversity.

Excellence – Striving for excellence in all that we do.

All nominations should be submitted by April 15, 2010 either by email to rdoherty@ (preferred method) or by campus mail to:

Richard Doherty, INSPIRE Co-Chairperson
1007 W. Harrison St. (MC 132)
Room 1168, Behavioral Sciences Building
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 413-2122

All awardees get a surprise announcement of their award in June and will be recognized at the annual Awards Ceremony in November of this year.

This award is sponsored through the UIC Office of the Chancellor and the
University of Illinois Alumni Association Alumni Relations Council. For more information see the WOW Web site.

Thank you,
2010 Inspire Award Committee