Monthly Archives: February 2009

Keep your info current

If you have recently moved, changed your phone number, etc.  please make sure to fill out a new blue Personal Data Card.  Contact Library HR for the data card.

In addition, please verify that your infromation is correct in Nessie. Employees who transfer to another department must change their office address in Nessie.

Go the “Personal Info” tab in Nessie and click on “Employee Information Form.” You will be asked to log in. Click on the “Address” tab and proceed to the “Address Summary” page. Make the necessary changes to your home and or/office address by clicking “Edit.”

If you have any questions, please contact Library HR.

Congratulations to those employees hired in the month of February

Happy Anniversary!

Warren Webb,  30 yrs
Jyothi Mirmira,  24 yrs
Carol Hawkins,  23 yrs
Evette Smith,  20 yrs
Mohammed Ather,  19 yrs
Abbie Whitaker,  18 yrs
Lisa Zhao,  18 yrs
Cynthia Henry,  14 yrs
Ana Ortiz-Garcia,  13 yrs
Kevin O’Brien,  12 yrs
Hipolito DePeralta,   10 yrs
Manaseh Wade,  9 yrs
Dante Williams,  9 yrs
Magda Aldana,  7 yrs
Mike Hernandez,  4 yrs
Cleo Pappas,  3 yrs
Marguerite Zappa,  3 yrs

INSPIRE Award 2009

The UIC Community is invited  to nominate a UIC employee (faculty, staff, lecturer, TA, RA, student worker) for the INSPIRE Award.  The award is a component of the WOW Award program, and was first presented in the spring of 2007.  It recognizes long-term, consistent, and outstanding professional service to the UIC community.
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