University Library Web Update | October 2017

New Special Collections & University Archives Page

Check out the new landing page for Special Collections & University Archives! It features a new splash image, display of hours for each location, news related to the department and collections, and its own menu.

Moving Library Websites to HTTPS

In mid-October, the Google Chrome browser will display a “not secure” warning for sites that do not use HTTPS (“Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure). The warning will encourage users not to enter any sensitive information on the site, such as passwords or credit cards.

Library Systems is working to move our sites over to HTTPS, but you will most likely see warnings on some library and UIC websites when you use a form (including search forms, like the library home page.

Library Search will display a 'not secure' warning in the browser until the website is updated to HTTPS.

Some databases and catalogs with the ability to create accounts – such as I-Share and the UIC Library Catalog – are already using HTTPS and will not display a warning.

Most likely, few patrons will notice the change. However, if you do get any questions, you can direct them to

More information and examples of HTTPS warnings

2016-2017 Annual Report for UIC Library Websites

If you’d like to know more about usage of our main library website, digital exhibits, and LibGuides, see the Web Report for AY2016-2017. If you have any questions about the data you’re seeing, contact



University Library Web Update | September 2017

New Web Development & Feature Release Schedule

Beginning this semester, the web development team will update the website on a monthly basis, on the first Wednesday of each month. Previously, new releases went up every two weeks. We hope that the new schedule will allow more time for testing and feedback. Here’s what’s planned for this semester:

  • October: Bug fixes and improvements to some smaller issues, including:
    • adding proxied URLs for database results in the Library Search
    • using Browzine to power journals search results in the Library Search
  • November: System updates (no new features)
  • December: Update to improve how our hours display

Preview upcoming changes on the staging site.

Upcoming Projects

The Discovery Services Advisory Group has been working on a new “Advanced Search” prototype that we will begin testing this semester with faculty and graduate students.

The “bento” style search currently on the home page was designed to address the needs of users looking for a quick, Google-like search; the Advanced Search feature would address the other end of the spectrum, providing lots of options to initially filter a search for users looking for specific formats and known resources.

More information to come!

LibGuides Workshops

Thank you to everyone who attended, and for your feedback on future workshops! A total of 12 people responded to the survey of LibGuides authors. Popular topics for future workshops included:

  • Best practices for instructional design (8 votes)
  • Using analytics and data to make decisions (6 votes)
  • Using images in your guides (6 votes)

Suggestions for future workshops included:

  • Examples of LibGuides that use best practices (either UIC or other institutions)
  • Review of how to perform specific editing tasks, including resizing images

In addition, some respondents noted that early summer would be a better time for a LibGuides workshop.




Introducing the Discovery Services Advisory Group

While the Discovery Services Advisory Group (DSAG) has been active since 2016, some of our Library colleagues may not know what the group does or who is involved, so here are details about the group’s purpose, activities, accomplishments and membership.

Prior to DSAG’s formation, a number of Library initiatives were carried out through three councils (User Structures, Assessment and User Experience).  Some of those councils had task forces and working groups, one of which was the Summon Working Group.

As the council structure changed, there was still a need for the kind of cross-departmental, widely representative discussion that they enabled, particularly in the Summon Working Group.  DSAG began as a continuation of that group, but with a broader perspective.  Summon is still the discovery system that the Library uses to integrate searching across our databases, so DSAG does still evaluate new Summon features and responds to issues that users report with Summon.  But the group also looks at the impact of discovery tools across all of our systems, and keeps up to date with trends in discovery systems at other Libraries and via other vendors.  (See Discovery Services Advisory Group Charge)

The Discovery Services Advisory Group provides guidance in carrying out Goal 3, Strategic Initiative 7 “Develop, improve, and unify discovery systems to meet a range of user needs” from the Library’s Strategic Plan.  The group has been particularly active in advising on the development of the new Library home page “Search” tool, which now integrates results from Summon and other sources in a way that helps less experienced searchers recognize what they’re looking for in a set of results.

Some members of DSAG, along with former member Joelen Pastva (now at Northwestern) are currently engaged in conducting a Systematic Literature Review of publications that assess discovery systems (not just Summon).  This kind of activity helps the group to establish expertise in the range of discovery systems people are using, how well they work, and what the Library community is doing to improve them.

The group also evaluates the connections between related Library systems, suggesting improvements where possible, so that students and researchers can have a seamless research experience, whether the item they need is available electronically, on our shelves, or via InterLibrary Loan.

DSAG members are:

Rosie Hanneke
Robin Hoftsteder
Glenda Insua
Jeanne Link
John Matthews
Kavita Mundle
Bob Sandusky (co-chair)
Tracy Seneca (co-chair)
Esther Verreau
Tara Wood

University Library Web Update | August 2017

LibGuides Workshop & Cleanup Sessions

The LibGuides Admins group invites you to participate in one of two LibGuides workshops (both include the same content).

  • Tuesday, August 15, 10:30 a.m. – noon, IDEA Commons Teaching Classroom
  • Wednesday, August 16, 1:30 – 3 p.m., LHS-Chicago Room 123 & Online (via Adobe Connect)

The session is 1.5 hours, and most of this will be hands on time for you to review your guides and get them ready for the Fall semester.

Members of the LibGuides admins team will be on hand for questions and demonstrations.

A brief session at the beginning will cover a review checklist, best practices, and tips for checking statistics, using the new databases by subject feature, and more.

New features for the Library Directory

The new People section of the website includes pages for subject librarians, faculty and staff, as well as filters for:

  • Liaison subject areas
  • Liaison colleges and departments*
  • Office locations
  • Library department

Take a look at your information. If you would like to request any changes, please email

*Note: There is a known bug in the Colleges filter, which will be resolved in the next update in September. Some departments aren’t displaying under their colleges.

Web Content Review

The Web Content Team is finishing up an extensive web content review, and you may notice changes across our website. Updates will be completed by Wednesday, August 9th.

If there are pages you use in instruction or in online tutorials, please revisit those pages.

Notable changes include:

  • Retiring several web pages around citation styles and scholarly communications, and linking out to the LibGuides on those subjects instead;
  • Retiring several pages with very low use;
  • Retiring and editing Special Collections help pages;
  • Formatting changes to the interlibrary loan page.

If you have any questions or requests, contact

University Library Web Update | July 2017

Journals search interface improvements

Tuesday, 7/11

Take a look at the new journals and e-journals search after it is live on Tuesday, July 11th (also linked from the home page search box). It will feature a cleaner interface, and a responsive design that works better on tablets and phones. Just note, the new interface will not be available before Tuesday July 11th.

The search functionality isn’t changing, with one exception: e-books will no longer appear in the journals search. This change is based on feedback that the Discovery Services Advisory Group (DSAG) received from faculty.

We are trying out the new interface for a trial period before classes begin in the fall. Please send any feedback you have to You can read more about the new interface in the documentation for the E-Journals Portal 2.0.

Directory enhancements

July and August 2017

The Library staff directory will feature new filters to locate liaisons and Library faculty, improved search, and a new departments listing page. The first round of enhancements will go live on Wednesday, July 12 and additional features will go live in early August.

New subject categories for Subject and Course Guides and databases


Subject and Course Guides and the Databases list feature new subject browse categories, selected based on extensive research and interviews from Kavita Mundle. Now students, faculty and researchers will be better able to find the right databases to search.” Please check them out and share with patrons.

TV2025 to set vision for Library’s strategic plan

From Mary Case:

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic planning process for the Library to be undertaken this year. The first step will be the development of a strategic vision for the future to be created by Team Vision 2025, a task force whose charge is to lead the Library in an inclusive process that will kickoff at the All Staff meeting on February 2, 2017. Watch for details!

Now that UIC has its new campus administrators in place and a new campus strategic plan, it is time for the Library to update its Strategic Plan from 2006. That plan has served us well providing a path forward for the Library for a decade.

Team Vision 2025 will guide us in the development of a community understanding of and commitment to our future—a vision for what the UIC Library will be in 2025. Such vision is critical in guiding the investments that will be needed to ensure the Library remains a vital partner in education, research, clinical care, and knowledge creation. I have asked the Task Force to devise a process for their work that will include participation by all Library staff and faculty and by representatives of our external constituencies.

Below is the charge to the Task Force and the list of members. My thanks to the members for their willingness to take on this assignment and to all of you for your active participation as the process moves forward.

Team Vision 2025: Creating a Future for the UIC University Library

Members: Linda Naru (chair), Kate Carpenter, Sandy De Groote, Gwen Gregory, Bob Sandusky, Andrea Smith

The Charge: 2025 Library Strategic Vision Team

The charge to Team Vision 2025 (TV2025) is to develop a vision to inform and to guide strategic development in the University Library throughout all aspects of Library operations over the next decade.

The Team should develop a map of the future, analyzing state, national and international trends that will influence the opportunities for the University Library and identify themes and areas for emphasis that will propel the Library to excellence, compelling value to faculty and students, the University, Chicago and Illinois, and enhanced national and international prominence.

The vision should encompass the strengths and potentials of all sites, including Rockford, Peoria and Urbana, culminating in broad recommendations valuable to Library decision-makers until the year 2025 and beyond. Key recommendations should be insights and ideas that can be interpreted flexibly, so they can be modified and adapted in response to changing conditions over time.

The Team’s report will (1) situate the University Library in a broader institutional, educational, professional and cultural context; (2) identify critical areas and salient features; (3) integrate multiple dimensions of strategic thinking and planning from Library departments, the Library faculty, Library users and the University; (4) propose new initiatives without evident University Library antecedents, as appropriate; and (5) promote organizationally thematic unity.

TV2025 deliberations will result in a clearly written document laying out the University Library’s values, purpose and mission, along with a vivid description of the UIC University Library in 2025. The report will also articulate Library strategies for meeting the needs of students and faculty at a high-quality public research institution in a unique urban setting.

The first step for the Team will be to develop an open process and aggressive timeline that provides for the active participation of any and all UIC Library staff. This first step should be completed by February 1.  The vision document itself should be completed by May 15. The Team will report its progress to the Library Steering Committee.